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Take me to your whiteboard!


My Talk on Sketching

My buddy Ario asked me to give a guest lecture for his class, HCDE 598 — the capstone class for the Human Centered Design and Engineering Masters program at the University of Washington. I’ve had a number of great guest lecturers for my classes over the last couple of years, so I was happy for the chance to reciprocate.

Here’s the talk, including three worksheets for an activity that I had the students do:



ILUVUXDESIGN from lyle on Vimeo.


Dane Peterson’s Call for Tactility

Dane Peterson has just published a fantastic article on Adaptive Path’s web site entitled Off the Desktop and Into the World. Here, Dane acknowledges that technology is reaching an inflection point where we are no longer tied, by way of technical constraint, to our current models for how we interact with our devices. He challenges [...]


Learning the Dvorak Keyboard Layout

The Dvorak layout is an alternative keyboard layout which places the most frequently used letters within easy reach (on the home row, for example), while the less frequently used letters and punctuation are moved out to the more awkward reaches. That means that you’re making less unnatural motions with your hands, which results in faster [...]


UX Week 2009 in San Francisco

Tomorrow is opening day for UX Week 2009, a user experience conference put on by the good folks at Adaptive Path. This year, it will be held here in San Francisco — lucky me!

In their own words:

UX Week is the premier user experience conference, and in 2009 we look laterally at the disciplines that have influenced us. With a mix of inspiring talks from recognized thought leaders and hands-on workshops delivering takeaway skills, this event delivers for user experience professionals at all levels — directors, managers, and practitioners.